Important Events of 2011

1. Arizona congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords is in the hospital after suffering several gunshots wounds to the head. Surgeons were very optimistic whether she would survivor or not. Six others were killed in this public shooting including a judge. In the months after the shooting, Gabrielle has made a miraculous recovery. No one ever like to see a situation like this, but it also brings the nation together to back up Gabrielle and her family.

2. Prince William of Whales and Kate Middleton are married in April. Everyone enjoys a wedding, and especially if it is a royal wedding. Marrying a Prince, the Princess wants everything to be perfect, and the wedding was nothing less. People all over the world tuned in to keep up on the updates leading up to the big day. This was a major event in history because those two will be the king and queen of England some day, and everybody loves a big fancy wedding.

 3. Verizon Wireless has released possibly the smartest piece of technology yet. The IPhone. Surf the web, email, check your stocks, or simply make a call. You name it, the IPhone can do it. 

4. After a shaking 8.9 earthquake struck Japan, tsunamis shattered the coastlines and caused great damamge to homes and businesses. Other worries were the Nuclear Plants along the coastline and the effects that could happen if they were damaged.  Anywhere there is a tsunami there is going to be a lot of damage. This is where the world steps in to help out all they can to get the nation going again after this disaster. Japan is a major source of goods for the world, and after the earthquakes and tsunamis their production  was way down, and affects everyone.  

5. Osama Bin Laden is killed after US forces have finally tracked him down. The mastermind of the attack on the United States in 2001. This is a great turning point for the US because with no leader we will be able to control and end the terrorist acts.

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